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Okay here goes.
For as long as i can remember i have had a very tight foreskin when erect, now when not erect this is not a problem as it pulls back very far but their is a 'strip' of skin attached the foreskin to the head of my penis which is causing me great stess.

I've read millions of topics about others with the same problems as me and found no real success, plus i dont fancy going to a doctor about it. Im on/off sexually active about once in a while ..with using a condom with seems to stop the foreskin retracting but i know i wont use a condom forever and im scared its going to be very painful when i dont use one.

Im 17 and ive been pulling it back trying to snap the bit of skin but to no success, has anyone had the same problem with a special technique which isnt very painful?

What do you think/What can i do to break this bit of skin so my foreskin can retract fully when erect?


come on guys in need of urgent help!!
someone must have experience with the same thing?


i had this also.

i wasnt really aware of it until one day i had unprotected sex with a long term girlfriend of mine and i felt a sharp pain.

The strip of skin had a slight tear as i had been going to hard and a small amount of blood was seeping.

A few days later when i was masterbating it snapped off completely.

There was a sudden pain but nothing to major.

Now i have no problems :-D

Great success

Loading... is designed to help stretch the foreskin. Or if you don't want to spend the money, just do similar stretching manually.