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I have had this problem well, forever; and im 16 now, and im also worried about having sex as with my problem the girl in question might laugh or something . My foreskin is too tight when my penis is erect, although it doesnt hurt when I masturbate but the foreskin never comes past the bell end. I can stretch the foreskin slightly when my penis is flaccid (just), but after a while of stretching it hurts.

Will I need to be circumsised? Or are there other options, and have them options worked for people you know or you?

I would be rather frightened to have to get circumsised

The only reason I am asking here is becasue im too embarressed to ask my parents about it.

Thank you in advance for anybody who is willing to help.


No, you dont have to get the foreskin cut off. Just pull it back as much as you can everytime it is hard. Use oil or vaseline if you want, but dont give up. It will eventually stretch enough. If it gets over the head and gets stuck there, just squeeze the head (glans) between your thumb and fingers and that will make it soft and you can let the skin go to its normal position.