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I am 15 and i cant get my foreskin back i have tried the normal pull back the foreskin as far as i can. I tried tht in the bath and showers , but didnt seem to work so i need to go see a doctor about it , but not until my penis gets a big bigger because im afraid its small .

My second problem is that i masterbate without pulling my foreskin back , which may sound weird to you but it gives me pleasure . I get a shower or bath about 4 to 5 times a week maybe more , and since ive been masterbating lately a weird smell is coming from my penis . Some say its caused my sweating in my underwear some say hygeine i need to clean my penis head more.

I think personally that its because i cant pull my foreskin back and i cant wash my penis properly. I can get my foreskin as far as i can see about half a inch of the top of my head. Then it feels sore.

so how can i wash my penis so it doesnt smell ? I normally just get a sponge and wash my penis like im washing my arms and stomach. I dont think ive ever put soap on the actual head because i dont want to touch it because its really sensitive .

Please reply back with help :-)



First of all, don't be afraid of seeing a doctor and don't think that your penis is small.

The first item is probably related to your age. Lots of younger guys can't pull the foreskin back. As you get a little older, and as you masturbate, it will become able to come back. Can you get it back when you are not erect? Have patience with this one, it seem to happen more around age 16.

The second item, the weird smell is probably a combination of not cleaning yourself properly and also from your body sweating more. It could be considered like a "musk" that other animals have. You do need to clean your penis, yes I know the head is sensitive so be patient and gentle. Eventually you'll get used to cleaning it and it won't be so sensitive. Even if you can just rinse it out for now it'll help.

If you still have concerns then see your doctor. They've seen it all, trust me. Don't worry.

Take care and let us know how you're doing