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I have moved onto a new partner, cut, after a 4 year relationship with an uncut man.

I am unable to give my new partner a blow job because he smells absolutely awful. Is this what an uncut man smells like or is there something wrong? Under the foreskin is all wet and slimey that I cant even see his pee-hole. 

He also has said to me that he cannot pull his foreskin back over his head, is that normal? I am worried that it might get forced back during sex and could even rip?

He says that when the foreskin is pulled back a little bit, his head becomes so sensitive that it is painful. 

Because of that reason he said that he doesnt clean/need too clean all that well which I am worried might be related to the smell and the slime. 

I am going to go speak to my doctor too.



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Hi guest I'm sorry but there is no easy way to say this but the smell is caused by not pulling the foreskin back and washing under it.
It is very natural for the penis head to be sensitive and even painful to a certain extent to touch when the foreskin is pulled back but the more he can keep it back the less sensitive it will become. What I use to do was pull mine back and leave it back while I slept the sensitivity soon went.
The tight foreskin just needs some stretching exercises done to it and it will soon pull right back when fully erect even. When you tell your doctor about it he will probably suggest circumcision but I would try the stretching first.


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If you/he wants the joys of a BJ and you want to get rid of the smell you are just going to have to retract the old foreskin and clean his head well. He's just going to have to man up and let you do it. Don't wash it with soap as that may cause irritation afterwards. Rinsing with plain water is fine.


His glans is super sensitive because it has not been exposed and cleaned/touched. If his foreskin is too tight to pull back far enough you need to do some stretching exercises. Get him hard and pull it back until it becomes uncomfortable and hold it there for several minutes so the skin has time to stretch a bit. Keep doing this as often as you can, every day is good, and it will soon be easier to pull it back each time. stretching it. Stretching works better in the shower or bath while the skin is soaked. I stretched mine by inserting two fingers in the opening and

The sensitive head is a seperate issue that can be dealt with after you get his foreskin moving properly.

When you can get his foreskin back to expose the head you can work on desensitizing his head. Personally I don't feel it helps to lube it up so you can touch it, that only makes it take a lot longer. I feel it needs to be super clean and completely dry so you can move your fingers over it without sticking. That's how I did mine. I wish I had had an interested girl friend like you to do it for me. I think that would have been much more fun. I had to do it all by myself.

Here's how I did it: I pulled the foreskin all the way back and cleaned the head and inner foreskin using cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol to get rid of any stickiness. The alcohol feels cold at first, then it feels hot, then it tingles. It's a unique feeling that takes a little getting used to but it doesn't hurt anything. When it was dry I began touching (caressing) it all over. Do it only as much as he can stand but keep doing it as often as possible. Depending on your/his mental attitude about it you can even tell him he's just going to have let you touch it as much as YOU want and he's going to have to endure it. That can make it a lot of fun if you/he likes it. It will get less sensitive each time. I also found that when I was aroused my head was much less sensitive, naturally. As it becomes less sensitive he's going to look forward to you doing this for him. I came to enjoy the feeling of dry touching so much that I have always dry masturbated since then.

I'm sure the two of you working together can make this fun.




Hi Guest:

A few men have foreskins that do not retract (about 1-2%).

It is not necessary to have a foreskin that will retract. Some men live their entire lives with a non-retractable foreskin. They can masturbate, have penetrative sex, get married, and father children with a foreskin that does not retract. Some
believe that a penis with a non-retractile foreskin has more sensation and that sex is better. You just need to see that you are well lubricated before he attempts penetration. You may need to add some personal lubricant if you do not lubricate well.

It is normal for the area beneath the foreskin to be moist.

Here are some directions for your boyfriend:

It is really easy to painlessly clean out your foreskin without retracting it. Here are two ways:

1.Urine is a sterile substance when it leaves the body so it is an excellent washing agent. Pinch the tip of your foreskin shut when you pee. Let the urine fill up your foreskin. You will see your foreskin balloon because of the urine inside. Then release the tip and all of the urine inside your foreskin will come gushing out and clean out whatever is inside. This is best done in the shower as it tends to be messy. Do that as often as you can.


2. Get a rubber bulb ear syringe from a drug store, pharmacy, or chemist’s shop. These are designed to squirt warm water into ear canals to clean them out. They also work great for cleaning out foreskins. Fill the ear syringe with warm (not hot) water and then insert the tip of the syringe into your foreskin. Then squeeze the bulb and a jet of warm water will squirt into your foreskin and clean out whatever is inside. This can be done over the bathroom washbasin.

Don’t use soap, body wash, or inside your foreskin because soap dries out the skin oils essential for good health and the others contain chemicals.

If your foreskin is dry, you can try putting some Jergen’s hand lotion on it.


I suffer from Balantis a fungal infection under foreskin very painful and irritating. I now twice a day soak my penis in a mix of disitilled white vinegar, lemon juice with teaspoon of salt and it has solved the problem, make water warm. there was an excellent ointment Nystaform HC but its withdrawn from market.The alternative prescribed was no good.