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im 30 yrs old and for the last 4 months im getting a foul smell from my vagina. it comes a week before my period with a yellowish brown discharge and stays for a week after with the same discharge. i recently had a smear and it came out all clear but when nurse was performing smear test she found foul smelling discharge and did a swab test to check for infection,this test came back all clear too. what can it be?


I have the same symptoms and this happens when I have bacterial vaginitis, my periods smell horrible and to treat this you need antiobitics called Metronidazole 500 mg also known as Flagyl, its not sexual transmited but you do have to take the medicine to get rid of it and it might come back months later, I went 3 years without one and now I have it again so i also researched and there is some vaginal cream that might work..I would and I am getting to dr to get more flagyl...that will work! good luck and yes they test you for sexual transmitted disease but im sure its just B.V~