Hi everyone,


Just looking for some adivce really.

I had a natural miscarriage around 9 weeks ago(January 4/5th). Went to the hospital for a u/s the monday after and told I had passed everything apart from a little bit of tissue. This passed the same day as the u/s. My bleeding stopped on the wednesday after was a week of bleeding.

Since then I have had no bleeding at all. Last month February I had some brown discharge was watery with some clear sticky discharge.

March and now starting on Wednesday last week 29th Feb I had the tinyest amount of spotting, the day after I had barely nothing and then on the friday I had some brownish pinkish watery discharge (not a lot had a pad on just for comfort). On saturday I had the same thing. And sunday it completely stopped. This morning I had some spotting light pink redish blood when I whipped after the toilet.

I went to the doctors last thursday which I must say did not help at all as she basically told me to get on with it and stop thinking about the miscarriage and just wait. Since monday I have been feeling VERY sick, the feeling as if I am actually going to throw up. I have had butterflies feeling in my stomach and faint and dizzy head. My boobs are gradually getting harder again also and my mood is very grumpy or can be very teary.

I have taken a pregnancy test this morning that showed negative.

Has anyone experienced the same thing or know what is happening or can give any advice PLEASE reply!!!! Dont know if it is my mind playing some tricks on me or if something is actually happening!?!?

Thank you!!!