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I vomit a light yellow mucus along with a bad migraine every 20mins for about 5hours straight! It gets hotter & darker in color each time that I vomit! I can also feel this being released into my stomach! Any suggestions?


Hello Sarah,

are you feeling any better now? Yes, bright yellow mucous is bile, and what helped me the most in situations like yours was to force myself to eat few bites of something dry like toast or crackers. That gives your stomach something to 'work with' and even though it might happen you vomit the first few bites, just try again, it will work eventually.

and one more important thing, try keeping yourself hydrated - that will help with the headache. Only don't drink more than few sips of water at the time, your stomach is irritated now and any large amount of liquid would just cause more vomiting,

Wish you all the best, Nicole