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i heard about this diet that is supposed to make you really healthy and they say that this way of eating is one of the healthiest. I was planning on starting this diet, not to loose my weight but just to be healthy. So i was wondering if anybody has some experience or advice about this diet. I have numerous conditions and i would like to change my diet so i can be more healthy. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks


Hello JJTr,

Guten free diets are great if you have intestinal issues and are allergic to gluten otherwise I don't know that it would improve your health that much.  Some people experience irritable bowel syndrome or the disease so they need to have a gluten free diet.  I have tried gluten free even though I'm not allergic and don't have intestinal issues.  I did'nt see a difference in the six months I was on the diet.  I eat properly to begn with and generally don't have a problem.  I don't even get heartburn.   If your curious as to how it would make you fill, I suggest you give it a try.  It certainly won't hurt.  Good Luck.