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love,whats love,sex,is it a good love making actually produces love,affection from both sides,

what is that that drag you to that one person no matter how mentally they can f* u up?

so to cure my own insecurities i actually created my own world,where i only care for myself and my loved ones,and that part of a love life,will stay there and dont come out to the light of day

with that said i mean,we need to love our selves the way we are and we need to love that one person first or better yet,who will we have when that guy/girl is gone!? no one but yourself,so learning to be your own best friend for some its easy and for some its hard.

i found it pretty hard,because i was giving him lots of my time and when he refused to go out with me,i was angry,hated him for not going! so if you dont wanna feel this way,than no one is to blame if you dont give yourself enough of your own time,dont waste time waiting for some1 to wake up and be nice and have mercy and take u out!

also going back into something that wasnt good after all is little shaky,i feel shaky today,all i need is my rutine and lots of things to do..... if anyone ever broke up with they partner five mt's ago and than they got back again,please share,i am in so much dilema,but im strong


I honestly went into one old relationship and this time I ended it and knew exactly that I do not need him