I had PVP laser procedure 5 days ago. Dr Richard Kroll at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY is the best. Thanks God I found him. I had problem urinating for many years, I had four urinary retentions, when I barely made to ER, and still I could not find the doctor I can trust. Being urology patient with doctors at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Allen Pavilion, was very frustrating for years, and those should be the best in the area.
Anyway, I could not believe, that just in one visit to the urology office I could have cystoscopy test, urodinamics test, learn to self catheterize and have had preoperative conversation and decision. Usually it takes couple of month at least. It's hard to find more knowledgeable, attentive, polite, experience, patient oriented and caring doctor, then Dr. Kroll. Also, on his office wall there are award boards for being one of the best doctors for the years 2004-2009.
I went to sleep at 8am, woke up at 10am. No pain, just a little discomfort from the catheter, which was removed two days later. Had to take Tylenol just twice. Also am taking now Ciprofloxacin to prevent infection and Phenazopyridine to lubricate urethra walls, which makes urine orange. Have a very good urine flow, wake up at night 1-2 times, the same as before. Twice had big pain at the end of penis, but then a big soft blood clot came out. No strenuous activities, or sex for two weeks at least. Look forward for recovery without new surprises. Will go back to work on Tuesday for light duty for the first week. Doctor wanted me to see him next week, but I can not do it. So, he wright down in his book to call me to find out how I am doing. Can you believe that?
Every case is different. Hope my article will help some men to make informative decision.