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Hello. I've been really worried about being pregnant. 

Last night, my boyfriend and I were having fun. We're both still virgins but we were grinding naked. He was laying down and I was on top of his grinding on his shaft. This probably lasted less that 6 mins probably. Probably way less. But there was a point where I realize that he ALMOST went in. There was no penetration whatsoever. I couldn't really tell if he actually went in or not. It felt like he was above my clit buy below like that flap of skin. He did pre-ejaculate a little (that clear fluid). Is there a chance that there's sperm in that? But we were both researching information about it and some people said it does have sperm, and some said no. I also read if there is sperm in the pre-ejaculation, its because an ejaculation has occurred earlier and it wasn't cleaned out by urination or by showering. My boyfriend did urinate several times and took a shower before this happened. 

I've been really worried that I might be pregnant. Should I take a pregnancy test? I know I was stupid for doing this, but I really need advice. Thank you! 


if you'v miss ur period take a test. there can be a little bit of sperm in per-ejaculation fluid