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I had hammertoe surgery a little over 3 months ago.  The procedure seemed to go really well and I was really pleased with the minimal pain afterwards.  My foot and 5th toe was massively swollen for several days, but then that came down significantly.  The bruising still looked pretty bad for a while.  After getting out of the surgical book, I put on sandals like flip flops because my side of foot and toe was swollen and a little to tender to want to touch a shoe.  It was summer, so that was no big deal.  I was also off, a school teacher, and not doing summer school for the first time ever.  The flip flops were o.k.  I tried more substantial sandals and it seemed o.k.  I went out for a while and my toe area began to hurt immensly.  I notice that the toe became more swollen, tender and discolored.  Back to flip flops.  The incision was totally healed, so that was good.  Here it is months later, I am back to school/work and in flip flop like sandals.  My boss frowns on that.  She has not said anything yet.  She will have to accept my medical excuse.  I am concerned though because these types of sandals don't match professional clothes or clothing that is appropriate for colder weather.  It is still 90 degrees, but that will change.  I can't walk around in snow in flip flops, or go to conferences that way either.  My toe is also very tender when I bump into things, which happens.  Especially since the lack of real shoes makes my toes more vulnerable.  Some times I feel a sensation under the skins, almost like itching.  Friends who have had surgery tell me that is part of healing.  Occasionally I will move the toes just a millimeter the wrong way, and will feel a terrible burn, as though someone has sliced my toe with a very hot knife.  Has anybody had any experience like this. 

I was told that my surgery was a success at my post op appointments and told that it takes a long time to really heal.  I am not crazy about this practice and do not wish to go back.  They were super rude to me when i had to cancel and appt at the last minute because I had severe food poisoning. There was not way they would have wanted me there, I was in terrible shape. 

I guess I want anyone's opinion or take on what might be going on with my pinkie toe.  I also wonder if I should go to a different doctor, or just wait this out?  finally, any suggestions for shoes that won't torture my surgery site.  I don't just want to wear super huge shoes.  I  have a tough time with that.  I still have hammer toe issues on my other foot, but I think I will be passing on the surgery.  This is too long to go without real footwear. Thanks.



Hi. I had hammertoe surgery 6 weeks ago. I'm also still a little swollen and sore. I put on normal shoes, but I can't run on bend down