This month has been a horrible month. I found out I had bv after having sex with my bf unprotected. The doctor gave me metrogel .75 and a pill to take. The metrogel worked great. However, I told her I was in this serious relationship (my first after 2 years of celibacy) and she suggested I try the nuvaring. Well, after 4 days on the ring I started having a black discharge. I was not very happy about that. So I too the ring out on the 8th day and the discharge stopped immediately. That night I had sex with the bf, which included oral. I'm afraid I may be allergic to him or something. I woke up the next day with a very itchy inner labia. I mean itchy to the point I can't take it. Unfortunately my period is also on now because I took out the ring, so I really going nuts about this. It seems like my period is magnifying the itch. Today while wiping, I wiped hard enough to scratch my itch, now its burning. What could this be? This has been the worst month ever for my poor vagina. First I get bv because my ph is knocked off by sperm now I'm itching and burning.:'(