My sympathies to everyone who have had such suffering with side effects, because as women, we go through a variety of pains that men will never comprehend. After reading your stories for weeks before my procedure I was prepared for the possibility of severe pain during and after getting an in office Novasure procedure, but apparently I'm lucky because other than two bouts of nausea, I'm feeling just fine. So here is my positive story that I will update along the way.  

#1 I'm 44 with PCOS, a bit overweight, no children, history of irregular heavy periods and harsh cramps at the start of each cycle. 

#2 When my doctor gave me the option of a tubal ligation or hubby gets a vasectomy before the recommended Novasure, hubby got snipped.( And didn't complain one bit about it! Love him)

#3 A month prior to my procedure, I received the internal ultrasound, removal of my 9 year old IUD , and the biopsy (which was horribly painful) and proceeded to have bad cramps and bleed for a few days . 

#4 Results came back as clear of fibroids, cysts or anything else, so no D&C was going to be needed. Did discover my uterus is very very tilted. Good to know?

#5 My period ended the day before my Novasure on 12/19/16. Whew! My doctor said that makes it easier to see his targets.

#6 I loved how much effort they put into preventing my pain. As instructed, I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen daily for 3 days prior of procedure, applied a transderma co patch the night before to help with nausea, got to the office and was given a shot of toradal, two Valium, and a suppository of BellaDonna opium.

#6 My doctor opened me up and showed me on a screen behind him the "before" view where everything was red on his scope, so I could compare the "after" where everything was clear and white. Then he numbed my cervix and lining until I couldn't feel anything he touched. I HAD NO PAIN at all for the 90 second treatment. I was shocked when he said he was done. 

# 6 They gave me a Percocet for pain right away and something else for cramps(sorry I can't remember those two pills). Going home we stopped for drive thru deli sandwiches because I was hungry. Sadly vomited it all back up later in the evening, but still took my Percocet every 4 hours through the night and slept peacefully without painful cramps or discharge.

I'm writing this the morning after, and I haven't seen any discharge on the liners I'm wearing. I'm having toast and coffee and debating on taking more Percocet because I have no pain. I'm keeping the nausea patch on till tomorrow, and staying home today just in case something changes. 

Maybe I'm lucky, or maybe this procedure is easier on women who don't have a d&c / tubal ligation the same day or at all.  Maybe I'm feeling so great because there wasn't anesthesia involved. Maybe because my period had just ended the day before, there is nothing to discharge (or it will show up later). Only time will tell.

Internet reviews are a great tool but they can also scare the heck out of you,  so this is my positive review for people who are considering having Novasure done. I'll update this story on this site after my check up and next predicted period.  Thanks for reading! 

Susan S. from Bloomington Illinois, under the care of ObiGyn Care's Dr. Joseph Santiago. Written 12/20/2016