Can you help me? Okay so me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time on Nov. 29. I had my "period" or was bleeding. I got very scared then took 3 tests and all negative. On Nov. 20, we had sex again. The first time that day, he didnt come at all until after we stopped then stopped. Then later again that day, we used the same condom, he came right when he took it out, the condom wasnt ripped or anything. But i missed my period, my stomach has been hurting but nothing. Im so scared so i dont know if im just nervous or if i am. The more i think about it, makes me want to throw up. Im shaking alot. Im just so scared that i am. We had protected sex all 3times but i dont know whats wrong with me :'( I felt all these symptoms but then i was so scared and stressed and crying all day that i think thats why i felt that way because the next day, i felt so much better. Like nothing wrong with me. Im up so latw because i had diarrhea. Whats wring with me:'( the condom didnt break:'( but why do i feel this way?:'( i hate this fewling:'( trust me, i promise God, after this, no more sex until im married.