two years ago I had hammertoe surgery on the toe next to my big toe , right foot. the toe was fused with a pin. The toe will not stay in joint. Aparently they took all the ligaments so there is nothing to hold the toe in joint. I paid another foot doctor to see why after 2 years the pain is so severe that I can not walk more than a block. I am walking on the bone that sticks down. The doctor says that I will have to bear the pain for the rest of my life. Is there any procedure that can stabilize the joint. There was also a lot of fluid when they cut my foot open, so they cleaned all the tissue and ligaments and just left me a bone in my toe that just flops around and causes a lot of paine. I had a shoe store put a modification in the bottom of my shoe so that my bone is protected from walking on the bone. I can not sit very long or walk. The doctor told me to go on the internet to see if I can find something that will help me. I had a cast of my feet made. Within 3 weeks I had to get rid of them as I developed bunnionets on both feet. The bunnionets have gotten better. The shoe store has helped the most by modifiying my shoes. In the operation that was to last about 15 minutes lasted 4 hours. The cut from the bottom and the top. Before the operation I told the doctor that I seemed to have fluids
in the meteatarsal that changed when I walked. The fluids seemed to disapate when I walked, the fluids would go up to the top of the metatarsal
He laughed at me, and said that's impossible. So surprise when they cut into my foot. This was at Scripts Surgery center. In San Diego, Ca. I have a hunch that someone else actually did the surgery. As my visit with the doctor he wasn't aware of what the fluids were and could they have been treated first the straighten the toe later. I just can't get any help as what to do. The fluid seems to be back with all the pain. I ask if they can give me some hint as to why all the fluids. When I start to walk the fluids seem to dissipate a little and I have swelling in the top of my foot.