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Hair bump on my scrotum(balls) is very painful......... I do not have health insurance, so I wanna know what I can do to reduce the swelling and pain.


I developed a small lump on the sidewall of my nutsac about 2 weeks ago and it became rather painful. (painful as in irritating not screaming)

After checking it out I figured it was an ingrown hair. I shave and after abstaining for a few days figured this bare patch likely should have foliage and you can kind of tell where the hair follicles are by examining the surface. It got rather hard and deep but nowhere near anything truly functional. Totally a surface issue as I could pinch the skin and roll it between my fingers and gauge it's proportion very well.

Like others I've had on my chin and neck where some scar tissue exists... this ingrown hair wasn't causing a minor zit or infection that drove to the surface. It was driving south through healthy tissue. It became more painful as days went by but I avoided the scalpel, pins, side cutters... etc and simply left it. (some polysporin once or twice.. useless for inner body issues)

So now after some minor discomfort, changing to briefs from boxers for a while... it's calming down and if I'm not mistaken.. my body is simply digesting it and moving on. No redness, no pustule, no increase in size... it's shrinking and fading away.

Don't get me wrong... when it happens on my face near old battle scars I typically cut and dig and pull the curled up hair out by the roots! They're far more painful I think because of the scar tissue and the inability for the hair to penetrate it easily.... only leading to MORE scar tissue!

You don't want scar tissue on your scrotum!

Be a well washed dude.
Wear comfortable underwear because going commando will obviously make it worse.
Be patient and if it doesn't calm down, is red and increasing in size.... seek proper medical attention.