Just to offer peace of mind to women who find a hard lump in the lower abdomen/belly. For months I had a rock tennis ball like lump in that area. I went to the doctors and they didn't know what it was and sent me for an urgent scan. As you can imagine I was terrified it was something bad and had been trawling the internet and all sorts of cancers came up. After three weeks of sheer terror waiting for the scan the day finally arrived. I was massively relieved to discover it a was a big fibroid. Fibroids affect 3/4 women and are harmless growths/tumors caused by an over production of Oestrogen. They can grow inside and outside of the uterus and can be tiny or as big as grapefruit. I am going to get my removed as i may want kids and they can cause problems. But small ones may just require medication to shrink them. They are really common and nothing to worry about. Mine was painful or anything but they can bleed, cause discomfort and disrupt periods. So ladies if you find you have a lump or really hard belly, get it checked out of course but don't panic like I did as it really turned out to be harmless. Hope this helps.