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I hope someone can help me. For the last couple of weeks I've noticed red bumps on my legs that are somewhat hard and VERY painful. Some of them develop a white head at the peak like a pimple. They come and they go in different areas, right now I have 10 of them divided up on my two legs. Each day a few will go away and new ones will pop up. I would compare them to ingrown hairs but the fact that I have 10 of them right now and they keep going away and coming back in different areas tells me its not ingrown hairs. ANY help or suggestions is very appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, I have the same problem and was doing some research... thought I would share this with you.

angie - found the following on another site.

My wife has had these red bumps on the back of her arms for years, and being a Pharmacist, I did some investigations into what they are, what is the cause and whether the red bumps can be treated.

Turns out it is an inherited condition, called keratosis pilaris, or also known as kp. The cells lining the hair follicles, become sticky, and don't clear away at the normal rate, causing the hair follicle to become stopped up with a little white plug. The hair becomes trapped, and the follicle becomes red and raised. Many women pick at them, hoping that it will clear the blocked pore, but unfortunately this can result in scarring.

Well, what can be done...I hear you say..?

I tried concocting various creams here at home, and we stumbled across a combination of a plant extract (Centella asiatica), New Zealand Avocado oil, Olive oil, Sodium Lactate, Urea and Vitamins A, C and E. We called it Koru kp Cream.

I posted this story on the kp website,, and it has been trialed by many women from all around the world.

Thanks for listening to our story, and I hope that this info is of help.