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Hi guys,

I was wondering – anyone lost weight eating Lean Cuisine meals? I just love it, I don't eat these meals that often, only three to four times a week. I don't have so much time to prepare lunch or dinner every day, so this seems like a great option for me.

I have lost 7 kilograms so far and I think I can lose even more. Can I? Do you have experience with it? How many pounds have you lost eating lean cuisine?

Of course I am not crazy and happy about the sodium level in these meals, so I really try to keep it at one a day, so far it works.

Share your experience.



Hello there,

I lost 11 kilograms for just one month eating Lean Cuisine frozen meals! I don't follow any diet program, but I eat Lean Cuisine frozen lunch or dinner at least three times a week. It really helps!

Sure these meals are not that healthy, but they are better than other meals, such as pizza, pie, sandwich, etc.

The meal portion is just a right size. Of course, they are loaded with sodium and carbs, and that is why they are not that big.

Do not push with Lean Cuisine – sometimes you can make dinner or lunch alone. It is healthier than frozen meals.

But anyway, Lean Cuisine is a great alternative if you don't have time to cook.

Take care!



Hi girls,

Lean Cuisine meals are delicious and a great alternative when you don’t know what to cook, or when you don’t have time to cook a lunch or dinner. The problem is that they don’t keep me full, I am still a quite hungry.

Anyway, it is all about the calorie balance. If you are eating Lean Cuisine counting calories, you will lose weight. But you need to know that they don’t have any magical ingredients that will help you to lose your weight very soon.

Lean Cuisine has helped a lot of people to lose weight and to stick to plan. Personally, I would choose a natural lunch, but this is OK.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes.