hey my name is gina i had a t5 t6 compression fractute about 12 years ago which is now apparently scheuermanns disease .. the disease sarts at t2 now to t6 have read numerouse articals and whilist yes i have some of the symptons it doesnt explain my pain. It is from my neck down to my bum cheeks and the muscle spasms are very pain full i have a problem with stretching it often causes more pain.. Physio wont touch me anymore as it inflames the area . now my life is filled with medications and even they are not working. My pain actually feels as though it is nerve and tendon damage and i feel my spine pressing against my spinal cord im always stiff and very very sore i wear a brace and it actually causes the bones to rub together..
i have extremely hot showers and walk my animals daily and stretech but the pain isnt subsiding its actually getting worse .
i goto pain management and hydrotherapy .. this is very hard as i am a very active perslon and very fit normally and living with chrionic pain after being so healthy sucks help someone
regaeds gin