I had my son over six months ago and after my six weeks of recovering my periods were pretty regular then in April I was suppose to get my period on the 17 but got it on the 25 which was no biggy but its July 16 and I haven't had a period since April me and my man had unprotected sex once or twice but he did not come inside ( sorry so personal) but pulled out before I have takin home pregnancy test which were negative then went to the doctor and got a utine test which was negative then a blood test and the doctor said they don't usually consider the test positive unless its above 5 but it was 1.3 but he scheduled another test cuz it wasn't zero and he wanted to know if it would go up or down and u went monday and it went up to 2 so I'm going back again next Monday but in just so confused am I pregnant or not? What could all this mean? Please does anyone have any advice or knowledge that could help??