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Okay so my first time on this page! Everyone seems realty nice:) so I haven't had my period since April 2 and its always on the dot never late or early. I took five pregnancy tests one before my missed period and in netween from then until now and I just took one today and It was negative. This happened with my first but when the test did show up it was very faint and I was two months and it still nearly showed. I kinda been having nausea but that's about the only symptom. I go to the doctors Monday to find out but I was wondering if anyone has gone through something similar and was or wasn't pregnant. Thank you in advance:)


Hi Seconia,

Try taking another pregnancy test in the morning with your first pee of the day, this is the more accurate time to test as your HCG hormones would be at its highest concentration.  During the day with peeing and water, it flushes the hormones out and may give you a false negative.  Good that you are going to the doctors.

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Good luck and hope this helps