Good afternoon!

I am going through such a hard time so if anyone has any indicators or advice it will be taken with open arms!

Four weeks ago I was a perfectly healthy 25 year old. That was a Monday by Tuesday I had a horrible headache on the left side of my head that included ear pain. I went to my primary care doctor who told me there was fluid in my ear. I was proscribed amoxicillin.

The headaches got worse and I had leg weakness and nausea in the morning for about 3 days. (This may be due to starting my second month of birth control pills-this was the first week of the new cycle)

I ended up going to the emergency room. I got blood tests done which came back normal and a transvaginal/abdominal ultrasound which both came back clear. This may seem confusing why they did stomach/transvaginal ultrasounds. In June I had a miscarriage and earlier complaints led to testing to see if tissue remained. Diagnosis:There was indeed tissue left over from the misscarriage but tiny amounts that would not cause issues and would go away with my next menstrual cycle.

Currently, the headaches have continued (and other doctors checking my ear after have all said there is no trace of fluid). The head pain oddly switched sides. From left to right. With intermittent ear pain. Last week was week three. I went back to the ER and had a clear CT scan. I am being told its migraines. I have never experienced migraines in my life and am open to the possibility but it doesn’t seem right.

I went to an eye doctor, ear nose and throat doctor and the dentist over the last few days. All of which have cleared my eyes, sinuses and teeth to be in good health.

The only indicators I am left with now are my blood results. My calcium was “normal high” and my vitamin d level was low. I am not, as prescribed by a doctor, taking vitamin d supplements for the next two weeks and cutting my dairy intake and then getting my levels retested in the next few weeks. ( I was born with hypothyroid and my levels were fine)

And something that is very odd is the onset of eye floaters. They just appear in the left eye which is interesting because that is the side of most head tension.

I have a neurology appointment Friday.

I wish I could say this is anxiety/stress based but life has been very calm as of late and I never have had anxiety issues.

The dentist did recommend sleeping with a mouth guard so I have been for a week now and do not believe this is the link.

I got tested for lymes and it came back negative and all STD testing was clear.

Please note that Monday when I was healthy I was bit by a mosquito on my eyebrow. The next day is when the headaches started on the same side as the mosquito bite. No doctors listen or feel as if its a factor at all so I have tried to dismiss the potential link. (I live in new jersey and have done zero recent traveling)

I have stopped my birth control three days ago to see if the headaches are the link. 

I would really appreciate any help or direction!