Hello to start off i'm 15 and I've been going through some weird symptoms. 1 Headaches from when I wake up till I sleep (Daily headaches for about 7 days now) 2 Seeing spots/floaters (Had For 3 months) 3 Weakness (Only a little bit) 4 Dizziness (Had for 3 months) 5 Ear Fullness ( Only about 4 times) I keep thinking it's a tumor of any kind (Mostly Brain) but I've asked my mom if we can go to the doctors and she said it was my anxiety (Which I do I have anxiety, for about 3 years) But it feels so weird and real I do not think it is anxiety, anyways she said that I had 3 blood test in 1 year because of my anxiety and they came back good, but I thought you need a MRI or CT Scan (Something like that) To find a tumor, don't you? I would really love to know if someone knows what this is or is having the same problem, I'm going on a cruise next week and I won't be able to have fun if I feel this. I hope it isn't a tumor :(