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Hi, I've got this really strange headache which appears to come from my jaw and seems to be caused by teeth, however its not caused by my teeth, instead it is caused by I dunno, some kind of blood vessel which is connected to or near my jaw? It feels like my jaw has a rough texture or a 'noticeable' sensation whenever I close and open my jaw.

Also whenever I open or close my jaw the headache is also associated with a liquid rushing sensation which seems to be just behind the ear and carrys on down to the jawbone?

I've had this sensation for quite a few years and due to extremely stressful situations in high school and at home I haven't really paid much attention to it because I've had other more important things to worry about, but now that I am relaxing a fair bit and have no immediate concerns or worries, I feel as if this pain has started to control my entire life, even sometimes contributing to my depression quite severely.

And a few months ago I found this really strange red bulbous growth on the inside of my moth at the back near the throat, sometimes I can feel it when it rubs up against one of the rear teeth, and most times I can easily feel it with my tounge?

And here is the really STRANGE part, whenever I push it back into the mouth the PAIN in my jaw and my left side of my head goes away???

It seem as if even though the pain and the growth are in the same generalised area, but two completely unrelated things, can manage to influence each other so much, I'm afraid it might be some kind of blood vessel or something, it doesn't throb like ordinary blood vessels but the growth is blue in appearance.

Is it okay for me to PM somebody a photo of what it looks like?


About that blue bulbous growth in your throat--go to a doctor and find out what it is. You don't want cancer growing with no treatment, and if it's a blood vessel close to the surface, it's good to know that so that you are careful not to get sharp things near it.