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PLease contact me. Help us. Please. Court refused to investigate the gramma and she is doing it again, on my child, full un-investigated custody. OH GOD HELP US looking for a credentialled, professional who has EVER helped in this jam ever before, or just would, forensic psych? psych? someone who can stay with it, write some letters, be adamant. Retrieve records, the proofs are there.Court refused to investigate, nor read mother's pleadings/forms. Very dangerous custody mistake. Timing critical. Help me help back out of danger my baby please.


You posted that a while ago, so this is in the event that you still need help, or for anyone else who reads this topic.

My suggestion is to see your child (assuming they are old enough to communicate). Ask your child questions about what's being done to them, and tell them how crucial it is to tell a teacher, a social worker, anyone.

Munchausen victims often don't fully understand what's going on, and are affected phsychologically so that they come to depend on and sometimes protect the perpetrator. If your child tells someone what's happening social services will have to investigate, and with results will take the carer to court.