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Earlier today my girlfriend and I had sex with a condom and the condom broke. Plenty of sperm-fluid ended up inside of her. She is planning on getting the Plan-B Emergency contraceptive pill on monday....which should be about 55 hours after the actual sex happened, (We cant get it earlier...all the planned parenthood clinics are closed on weekends). The thing is, she is almost on her period. It should be coming any day now. If she does get her period before we get the pill, is that a sure sign that she is not pregnant? Is the day or two before a period should come a high-likelihood or low-likelihood time to become fertilized? Any answers that you can shed on this question would be much appreciated.




Hi. The day or two just before her period is due is very unlikely to result in pregnancy. The pill is a good idea for peace of mind, however if she gets her period before the pill then it is safe to assume that she is not pregnant
Hope this helps