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I've not had the easiest of times these past few years. things havnt worked well, iv gained alot of weight and feel generally low. My best friend and i talk alot and hes really good, but i really think i need to find a female person who i can talk to (im male by the way). i would like a girlfriend but at the moment would rather just have a really good friend to talk to and hang out with.

Im 16 and just started school again. I dont know much about women and have only recently started being more sociable with people again and i dont know how to approch people.

i really need some advice.

im on my knees, please.



Hi Rank101, I know exactly how you feel right now
believe me alot of us go through that stage
I think you should just find some nice girls at school
start a conversation with them about whatever it is
usually music or movies things like that get goin
after talking for awhile ask them if they wanna go see
a movie over the weekend or something
or hang out together, let them know it's
not like a date, unless you want it to be
Just be yourself, And if your nervous about
talking or meeting a new girl,try not to let that
get the best of you, you will feel much better
to know you have control, and if that girl doesnt work out
Move on and try to talk to another girl, Just know
that YOU tried. i hope this helps


^ that will help you with conversations with girls,...

but if ur in a school without girls, and want to meet one without grabbing one off the street and asking her for a chat, you could meet your friends friends.. then theyr friends..

so go to town, like every friday, with him after school, and just hang out, your bound to find someone new.. and dont mind about your weight, if ur a nice guy, the girls will luv ya..