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Hello I am a 24 year old male, about two weeks ago I was diagnosed with a thrombrosed hemmorrhid in the ER.  The doctor did not recommend draining it as they said the relief would not be worth the pain.  I think they are right, the swelling has gone down and its not as big now.  However I can still see the black spot on it (where the clot is) however it appears to be smaller.  My main issues now are  
1) there is a cut on it, I went to a GI last thursday and they said it was a fissure (is that the same when it is on a hemmorrhid and normal?) and they gave me some lidocane to numb it for pain.  He said to come back in two weeks, should I see some marked improvement by then?
2) there appears to be some sort of anal leakage, a yellow brown slimey liquid leaks out in mild to moderate ammounts.  Is this from the hemmorrhid or cut.  If so will it stop when they heal?


Fissure on a hemorrhoid and a normal fissure no doubt appear on different spots, but they have pretty much the same properties. It should probably get a little better if you take good care of it until your next appointment.

As for the brown liquid, it is probably the mucus coming from the hemorrhoid and fissure, and it should probably stop once your hemorrhoids heal as well.