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A friend of mine was diagnosed with gangrene hemroids, or so I was told. He is in the hospital for 4 days now and was wonder what his prognosis might be. Is this possible, and if so can you give me any information. Thanks.


Hi there! I heard about the gangrene hemorrhoids and that they need immediate treatment but unfortunately, it is all I know about it. I don’t know what the recovery is and which parts become gangrenous. If you manage to find some more information or you hear from your friend’s doctor, feel free to share any information with me because I am more than interested. I also suffer from protruded hemorrhoids and I am afraid it may happen to me as well.
I found out that gangrene occurs when hemorrhoids are constantly prolapsed and cannot be pushed back. This is called incarceration of the hemorrhoid. It may happen that the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut by the pressure of the anal sphincter. When there is no blood flow to the hemorrhoid, they may die and become gangrenous.

Now, if you learn anything about the treatment and how dangerous it is, it would be very kind if you would share the info. Thank you