Well the horror stories about methadone withdraw are true !!!! I was addicted to heroin for about 6yrs of my life, sticking a needle in my arm every 3-6hrs a day just to feel normal, ive been to inpatient rehab 6-7 times, so much ive lost count. Ive even moved to another state to try and stop, problem was it wasnt the best place to move to, every street had a dealer on it. Lets just say i was back on the heroin within 2days of being there and there was York PA. After coming back i decided to start on methadone treatment.....all was well for 2yrs, i decided to start coming down and made my way to 14mgs. Than one day i said screw this, its costing me 400$ a month with no insurance and i just cant afford it and i dont want to depend on it anymore. I felt fine for about 2days than the withdraw started, it was so bad, even at just 14mgs, it reminded me of the heroin withdraw and so i started sneaking a hydrocodone pill here and there and clonzepam to help deal with the withdrawl symptoms. Well 6days of the methadone i am basically just substituting yet another drug for another.... THE ONLY WAY TO GET OVER WITHDRAW IS TO JUST DEAL WITH IT.... as bad as it is and as hard as it sucks you gotta push threw it one way or another you know. Everything i worked for in 2yrs im starting to see fall apart before my eyes and its the worst feeling in the world but what else can i do you know... just somethin to think on people, ive seen sh*t i never wanted to see and ive took from people that didnt deserve it. In the end its just not worth it. Some people are stronger than others, most of its mental, i know it is for me.