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Is ANYONE onboard this forum regarded as an expert or "semi-expert" on the subject of run training on a treadmill? If so, I have a question. Why on Earth do I see PTs ("professional" trainers) doing "sprint" training on a treadmill running the belt at extremely fast speed,....then instructing their high school aged trainee to jump on and "hit the treadmill belt running"?? This looks to be very bad for the joints, bones, etc.. Similar to telling a kid to jump out of a moving car but "hit the ground running!" Any comments or ideas?


Athletes should only be doing intense training on the treadmill if they are adjusted accordingly. You can't have an athlete who runs outside every day hop on the treadmill and consistently train on it daily all of a sudden. This could bring about injuries, not to mention mental fatigue and getting sick of running in general.

If an athlete is to switch to strict treadmill running, they need to be adjusted to it gradually. Also, hopping onto a treadmill at high speeds is just reckless and dangerous and yes, it also can bring injuries. That's like throwing someone out of a moving car and expecting them to land gracefully on their feet running fast. You can't go from a stand to a fast sprint that quickly, there needs to be an acceleration process.