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Hi everyone.

I hope that this is the right place for this post.

I am required to pass this one fitness test for my work every year. I passed the test 2 years ago with a few weeks of training but I have been injured for 19 months with almost zero physical activity since then. I have been training every day for last 30 day, but I am having a hard time with it because of being inactive for such a long time.

I have looked up bunch of websites on the Internet but I do not have enough knowledge when it comes to running and training to decide what my training should be like. Any advice on what my training should be like for next 20 days (my test is 21 days from now) would be greatly appreciated!

Test starts with:
1. 50m sprint in 7.5s
... 1min break
2. 200m sprint in 32.0s
... 3 min break
3. 50m sprint in 7.5s
... 1 min break
4. 200m sprint in 32.0s
... 10 min break
5. Cooper test: 12min run, must run 2,700m (6 and 3/4 laps).

I have no problems with the 50m sprint. But, I am struggling with the 200m sprints. I am able meet the time requirements, but I have to sprint them at 90% - 100% intensity and I end up with 30.5 31.5 secs per sprint but before my injury, I was able to do it in about 25 27secs using same intensity.
So back 2 years ago, when I ran the test, I pushed it at about 80% - 85% and got it done at 29s and saved much energy for my long run.

The big issue is that these 200m drag all energy out of me especially now that I have to do them at 90% - 100% just to pass – so when it comes to the long run, I am almost dying out.

My training thus far has been focusing mainly on the long run only. I figured that first 6 laps should take me 1.45s with the last 3 quarters with 1:30min – which is what Ive been trying to do each day. I worked my way up to the point where I am either 50m short or 50m beyond the 2,700 target. I actually started getting these results about 5 days ago but I struggled with it before hand.

However, I have never tried doing the sprints first and than doing the long run. Since I am almost on the line with the long run, I think that I will have a hard time passing the test when I actually have to sprint first.

I am 22 yrs old, 185lbs, and 6' 1". I gained about 10-15lbs since Ive been injured.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your help!


You will struggle to see any fitness benefits until 2 weeks after your hard training so my advice would be to hit it hard this week and then taper off and rest until your test. You will do much better if you are fresh than if you run yourself into the ground before the big day!

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