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I had a hip replacement about 8 months ago, everything was going well and then 2 months ago, I started to have pain, I am regressing to the point of a few weeks after surgery, I am no longer able to walk without a cane, I cannot support myself on the side of the hip
replacement, it feels very weak, my surgeon tell me to exercise more or in 5 years I will not walk.
I am doing my exercises but still my leg does not carry me, I limp terribly. Did anyone experience something like this.
All my XRays are normal my surgeon says my work is perfect, but I don't feel in perfect condition, I have a lot of pain, and I am unable
to walk properly, and not for very long I am 67 and I don't know what to do.

I am open to advice.


I have hip dysplasia and I am 40 years old.I am considering for a surgery.I am in so much pain.I hope they will find out what causing the pain.Good luck to you and I hope you'll be walking with no problem soon. :-D