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I have a hole in my ear left from a blackhead or possibly whitehead from years ago. The hole is three or four times as big around as pencil lead, and 1/8-1/4 inch deep. 

It looks like a large blackhead, which is why I don't like it, People always look at it thinking it is a huge black head. It has a black appearance to it, but i have never been able to extract anything from it.  


Is there any way i can get rid of this hole?

I have considered a liquid which removes caluses. It is strong salycilic acid which removes calluses and corns. I thought maybe it would damage the skin in the area, then the skin could regrow without the hole. I doubt this will work though. 

I really just need a paste to fill the hole, then become part of my skin, but there isnt a way to do that to my knowledge. 


I'd personally go see a doctor about it, i've never heard of that happening before. If you are thinking of applying something to it, you should go to your doctor and make sure you're not making it worse.