Sexy and Smokey Makeup

Shopping list:
- Concealer
- Circular sponge
- Loose powder
- Black/dark eye pencil
- Small eyeshawdow brush
- Black powder eyeshadow
- Neutral brown eyeshadow
- Eye brow pencil (optional but recomended)
- Black Masscara
- Lip liner (To match your lips almost exactly)
- Cream- colored lip stick/gloss
- Blush (to chose proper color see te upcoming tread 'Women's guied to everything: Chosing and appling blush")

(I know the list seems over whelming but its for the whole look!)

Begin by applying a light arc of concealer to the under eye area, using your finger, and then only in spots.

With the circular sponge, loose powder was used to "set" the skin.

Use your brow pencil to fill in your eye brow, a fuller brow is usualy better then a thin line. (The color of pencil is dependant on your brow coloring.)

to add a bit of seductiveness to your eyes you should first line the inside both the top and bottom rims with a black eye pencil, pay close attention to going into the the lashline itself.

Then, with a small eyeshawdow brush, the black eye pencil line's edges were softened.

Apply black powder eyeshadow (using the sponge-tip applicator) directly over the pencil and smudged. (If you prefer, you can use your finger tip.) The shadow helps to set and further soften the look.

Now use a neutral brown eyeshadow, encircling the entire eye area, be sure to soften and graduate outward (from the eye itself) for that perfect blended look.

Add black mascara on curled lashes to create just the right touch of sexy delicacy to the overall look.

line your lips with a flesh-toned pencil to match your natural coloring

Then (I use a lip brush) I applied a soft caramel-colored creme lip color to the entire mouth (blotted and re-applied, then blotted again.)

Finally, very lightly apply blush to just the apples of the cheeks to finish the face without taking away the impact of the eyes