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I had my neck lift touch up on Feb 1, about 21 days ago. I'm freeking because not only do I have this huge pocket of skin under my chin but also these cheek pockets where they pulled back my cheeks to the ear incision for the throat lift. I have tightness in smiling, yawning and feel as though my cheeks are too high and that I do not look like myself. The chin thing is pretty scary, but the other blogs say it's just swelling? Noone told me to sleep upright or at an angle, noone said to expect the huge pocket of skin I have under my skin. When I look down to type on pc and catch a glimpse of myself, it's like oh I didn't pay for this end result did I?

Ladies, please do assure me, it does all go away? 2 mo's 6 mo's?

Thanks so much. I don't want to having buyers remorse, am trying to be patient, but also concerned as I don't look like myself with these high cheek pockets I feel I look like a chipmunk. WHat gives? Is the huge fat under my skin actually swelling or is it loose because Dr did not cut my muscle to tighten up the chin?

Thanks a million!


How bad is the swelling? Depending on your age, health, etc... recovery time will vary.

I was very subconscious about my procedure, but after about 6 weeks everything felt normal, especially when the swelling/bruises went away.

I would consult with your doctor after 6 weeks and sooner if you feel strongly that something is wrong.