Just a few tidbits on maintaining Maximum Health. First of all, try and overcome stress which today is most likely the most powerful killer of all time! The fast paced society we live in doesn't lend itself to helping people with stress. Then there is the economy which adds a lot to stress due to the fact that no one is secure anymore in their jobs.

We are simply overwhelmed by so many things happening today that are negative, it is unbelievable! Simply turn on the news, which I try and minimize my exposure as much as possible! Simply watch people drive and you can tell that their minds are certainly NOT on driving or they forgot how to drive! Why are people in so much of a hurry to die these days? I swear if I didn't drive so defensively these days, I would be just another crash statistic! So what is the solution to this fast paced society full of stress and anger?

1] First of all, try slowing down a bit while driving! Leave more space between you and the drive in front of you! This just may save your life as well as reduce your stress!

2] Pace yourself: Leave ample time to get to where you want to go without feeling that you are going to be late = less pressure!

3] Eat healthy foods that are Organically grown and try and eliminate as many chemicals that you expose your body to! IE-Clean you home with Vinegar instead of all these chemical laden products from the store!

4] Supplement Daily: Take a very powerful supplement like Vibe 101 ALL IN ONE Health Drink everyday! *** web adresses not allowed **

5] Focus on positive thoughts daily instead of all the negative propaganda the news promotes! Think of your family, recreation, planning quality time for you and your family at least once per week!

6] Don't let anger build up! Vent your feelings to people close to you and also listen to their frustrations and then simply move away from those thoughts that generate anger!

7] Keep open lines of communications with family members! Simply sit down and talk now and then so as to help others feel loved too!

8] As most of you know, there is NO job security working for someone else! Start a home based business like mine! I work full time from home and stress is virtually non-existant! Even if you start part time, you will have something to fall back on if your boss says goodbye!

9] Plan family outings together at least once per week to keep everyone in a good mood and reestablish lines of communications! Even children get totally stressed out and need this support too!

10] Finally, take all the negative thoughts you have and shove them into a shoe box and think positive daily! Family should be number one and those times we spend together can never be gained back once time has passed!

My Best Health To Everyone! Tom Sparrow 8)