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mmk I cant Cope anymore am breaking up. I don't know whats wrong with me. I think its depression stress anything like that. Am 14 am growing up am scared. Am Worried and Really really scared.
Like The worst thing thats happening is I keep Getting Images of Friends,Family and My girlfriend Dying. Getting run over by cars or anything. I get Dead emotional after that. Its hard to cause my girlfriend lives in another country. and I get really worried about her. I don't know what to do. I talked too my parents and they have helped. I'm seeing a doctor Soon but I want some Advice on how to Cope and handle with it. Please ;( :(


Hi, you remind me bit of myself when i was your age. I know we are all individuals and everyone reacts differently to same situations we go through are life. However, i dont think you should be worried. We all went through that phase that you are going through now. Try to look at it from different angle. In life you will encounter many not pleasant situations and the quicker you learn how to cope with that the better and stronger person you will be. Look at it from a point where you are "working out" your mental health. You know how they say "what does not kill you makes you stronger". Well , it is true. Try to look at like those thoughts are you challenges and you need to beat them. Every time you get rid of one, you are a stronger with you mind. Try not to over think about stuff, it will only burden your mind. 

We, humans are not made to think about a lot about bad things or stuff that could happen. I mean , check this out that i read recently: "How can your mind be at ease when you are drinking water when there are children in Africa that are dying of thirst at that very moment"?. You see, the point author wanted to make is that we should not worry our self about bad things happening, it is useless. Forward the energy you are using to deal with these thoughts into something productive that you can do now for yourself and your family. Make your life easier and better for you and your family.