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I need advice and badly....Quick reflection....I was in the Timberman Triathlon last year and stress fractured my foot at mile 5 of 13.1!!! I finsihed the race (NO DNF's HERE) came home and rested as per doctor's orders.

I ran the Lewis and Clark Marathon (St. Charles, MO) on Sept. 17. This week my foot is aching like it did before. I think I was able to diagnose my foot again, before it became fractured AGAIN....

My question is this: How do I train NOW? I have thought about just doing the elliptical machine for the amount of time I would be running. I pace at 10's..... Has anyone ever tried this or waht should I do? I dont want to go into Chicago hurt or not prepped (sp).


My advice? Listen to your doc! Especially if it's a good sports doc.

Once you injure it and keep reinjuring it because it's not completely healed you'll do your body more damage than you can imagine.

It's not worth being on the permanent dnf list.


Straydog, if in fact you do have a strees fracture you might start the marathon but you won't finish.
With five weeks between marathons you are putting a lot of pressure on your body, I would only be doing light training anyway.
As far as the ellipical machine goes personally I wouldn't give you a brass razoo for one, where as they can assist you aerobically (something you don't need judging by your history) they hardly simulate the running action.
You might like to try water running. I use this with my injured runners (myself included )
Why not get a bone scan ? Stress fractures are sometimes hard to pick up on X-rays. As a general rule of thumb stress fractures take at least 6 weeks to come good.