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how do u know when a child has been taught to lie about a parent. my autistic grandchild has made some terrible accusations about his father, (my son) and we feel he is being brainwashed by his mother and stepfather


Hi Car,

Unfortunately this happens a lot.  The child is a pawn in whatever battle the parents may have, but...

You don't know if these allegations are true or not.  It is in your grandchild's best interest to treat them as if they are true and report them to the appropriate authorities.  The child will be examined for any injuries and likely evaluated by a psychologist.  If these accusations are unfounded then the child won't be able to support them.

I don't wish this upon anyone.  It's going to be horrific for your family regardless of the outcome. 

Help your son find a good lawyer.  He's going to need one.  Remember though, your grandchild may truly need help.  Your priority should be helping them first, your son second.

Good luck.