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Hello!! I'm 25 years and I'm 8 weeks pregnant I have 2 other kids before but never really had any problems, I checked with my doctor and he said that everything is okay with me, but just recently I reconigized that I have an itching problem and a clumpy discharge with it , could any one help me with this problem because i don't want any thing to happen to my baby,

Thank you Very much
From: Trinidad and Tobago


Is the clumpy discharge white, or slightly off-white? Is it reasonably oderless?

Do you have some burning while peeing? I don't mean to sound crude, but if the above sounds like you, then you probably have a yeast infection- a common problem for women, and even more common for pregnant women.

Try eating some natural yogurt today. Not a yogurt that is sweetened with sugar or fruit- plain yogurt with active bacterial culturres in it. If you are daring, try putting some yogurt down there, where the sun don't shine- it will be very soothing, and, if you do have a yeast infection, this will likely make it go away. Also, if you can, decrease the amount of refined sugar in your diet, and add more acidic fruit- cranberry and grapefruits work wonders for ones system and really help in the process of maintaining normal levels of candidas (the cause of yeast infections). AAANNNDDDD eat garlic!!

Yogurt, cranberry and garlic- as much as you can stomach (and they are all good for your growing baby too!), and if it's yeast, it'll be gone in 48 hours.

And if it isn't, well, then you will know, because it won't go away!

Good luck, and happy pregnancy!!