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I've been TTC for a while and I just gave up because I thought it wasn't going to happen as long as I thought about it all the time....Anyway, I think I'm 3dpo (not sure bc I stopped tempting and so on but I'm pretty sure I ovulated about 3-4 days ago) and I have this horrible pain in my breast they are so sore and today I started feeling a tingle sensation on my nipple area and when I wiped I had some pink and a light cramping sensation.

So here is where you guys come....anyone can help me in telling me what this could be???



hi u r too fast , just forget and relax .since its too early to reconize so wait and see . This time u will be pregnant but needs some days , i think. some time drinking lot of coke makes our breast sore . last time i too got this problem with nipples black and breast sore , but due to doctor advise i stopped coke and got my periods on 35 day so wait for atleast 30 days then take a home pregnancy test.
GOOD LUCK. Hoping to hear a Good news from u :-)