My boyfriend of 4 years is an alcoholic, and I can't help him. When I met him, he was a nice responsible man with a steady job and a good life. He drank once or twice a month. Last year, however, he lost his job, He searched for another one, for a while, but then he stopped and started drinking. First, it was once a week, but then more and more. Now he's constantly drunk and I just don't know what to do. I don't know where he gets the money, but he's got a lot of it. He gives me money anytime I ask him, because we have a baby and I don't work. I've tried to make him stop drinking that much, but he just yells at me... He even hit me a few times. I don't now what to do, I can't leave him because I have nowhere to go, I've got no family and I started avoiding our friends when he started drinking because it was embarrassing. I can't make him stop because I'm afraid of what he could do to me or my baby. I can't leave him, I love him... How can I help him, I have no one to talk to... Please help me