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Hi I'm 16 and im 5 foot 11 I regularly exercise and I'm usually on the bike I weigh 11 stone 9 pounds but have a bit of a belly of me I'm not weight conscious just want to lose weight to improve my cardiovascular fitness so what weight do you think i will be to start seeing defined muscles like a six pack I know this is a bit of a stupid question but just want to know what kind of goal to set thank you in advance


Hi Dan,

You can calculate your Body Mass Index to see where you are in relation to others.

As to when you'll notice a 6 pack, it varies.  For one, you can't spot reduce.

A more important consideration is that you are 16.  You are still growing and developing.  Testosterone will change your body.  You've no doubt noticed some signs, pubic hair, genitalia growth, etc.  It will also make you more muscular.

Eat a balanced diet and continue what you do.  Remember too, muscle weighs more per volume than fat.  

Hope it helps.