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Okay, so I am 13 years old. I am 5'4 1/2 and I am a competetive cheerleader and basketball player. I am 150 pounds sometimes 155. My legs are mainly muscle but they have some fat, my arms are muscle. The places were my fat is is my front area. I have a big belly and big boobs. Like standing and sucking in a look completely fine but when I sit down it spills over my pants. I am a 38 C bra and a adult large shirt and size 10 pants. At cheer competetions we wear sports bras and spandex. Im actually okay with that I just pull the shorts up over my belly to hide the fat.I also have a double chin, just ssitting here. The really bad thing is my parents though. When my mom took me to the doctor 3 weeks ago and saw I weighed 150 she shook her head and said 'how are you my daughter?' And since then ive gained even more weight! She is 5'6 and weighs about 140 pounds. Another time when we went shopping for clothes she gots me a adult small and my belly was hanging out the bottom. She said she was embarrassed at how I look and wouldnt get me any shirts because kids arent supposed to wear larges. She only wears a small. Then when we were trying on pants she picked out a 4 for me, which is the size she wears. I told her I couldnt get them on so she through a 10 at me and they fit perfectly but she wouldnt buy them. She said I was a fat monster and I needed help. Another time, we went to Cedar Point and when we were waiting for the Dragster my dad said he didnt think I would fit on it. He is 6'0 and 170. I was so embarrassed because everyone looked at me and started laughing. I did fit on, but my dad said I shouldn't go or I would break it. For my grandmas birthday we got Taco Bell and all I wanted was a taco but my dad wouldn't get it because he said I need to stop eating or ill be as big as a house. To me, I just dont think im all that big. Thank you so much for reading all this and please help me


Hello noo,

It sounds like you are extremely active.  Sounds like you are a little on the short side of things and your weight is a bit high but no doubt you are very muscular with a more stocky figure.  I'm sorry to hear you parents I poking fun at you about your weight.  This is not good.  They should be supportive of you.  If you feel you want to lose weight, see if you can get your parents to help you in a positive way other than criticising you.  Get them to help you set of a dietary plan.  Cut back some of those calories.  You might try taking in some protein shakes like bodybuilders use.  You kno, whey and such that will help you build lean muscle and burn fat while you're doing it.  I think you might find that works well.  The shakes are easy and convenient and clean up is a snap.