3 time taking adderal first time was 3 60mg at once then month later i took 4 60mg at once stayed up and next day it lasted tell 9 then i took 3 60mg ones i know have a really bad swollen bottom lip like two times the normal size and it has this huge rough spot that remind me of like a cold sore or canker except it takes up almost all of my swollen lip i got swelling down and then it spred very little and i believ stopped spreading parents said it was a canker sore and to pute backing powder and water and make a past and it helps make them disapear i did and it burned bad and then i could feel it sorta sizzle like as if you put med on a infection and slight bubbles but it didnt bubble or anything it mostly in middle of bottom lip in side on gum then moves up and comes slightly over lip so when i close mouth it shows bottom gums are beat red and sore if i move them sometimes but are sore wheni touch lip is so swollen it just hangs sorta over so you can see the inner bottom lip allot more then useal idk what it is but i can push on lip and its only mild pain and its just hard to move lip