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Hello, everyone.  I have a questions abaout my hyperglycemia and diabetic condition.  I became diabetic about 5 years ago when I had blood work done at my doctor's office .  Just routine blood work when I got a call from him.  I had to go back in and discuss the fact that I had diabetes.  So I noticed for a long time that I had increasing thirst, and I sweat a lot and even my breathe was nasty (as my husband puts it).  I am wondering if the hyperglycemia is the reason that I had that bad breath. I finally got rid of it so I am wondering if there is a connection between the two things- hyperglycemia and bad breath?  My husband has not mentioned it for a long time lol so I think it must be better, and the sweating isn't as bad.  My blood sugars have been well-controlled since I have been following the diet my doctor recommended and I walk every day.  Have a good day.


Hello, Guest... Yes, there is a correlation between hyperglycemia and bad breath.  This is a common sign of hyperglycemia.  Having fruity breath from the ketones in your system that is produced because of the hyperglycemia.  You, no doubt, have gotten rid of the bad ketone breath when you started regulating your blood sugars and practicing a healthier lifestyle.  Many other symptoms are common with hyperglycemia such as hunger, sweating, fatigue, blurred vision, and frequent urination.  Did you experience any of those symptoms at all while having the "bad breath?"

Has anyone else had experienced the fruity odor on someone's breath or had it yourself?  Did this indicate to you that it was because of diabetes?  Did it clear up once you had started on a diabetic diet?  What other symptoms did YOU experience?