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well its been really bad im almost 13 ATM and weigh 230pounds and its pretty embarrassing to go out in public but i really wana loose like 130 pounds which is a lot but i want to loose it fast too so please give me a solution. It really sucks when every time you ask a girl out they say no your too fat and you also the only fat kid in school.


Avoid any and all sugar, eat smaller meals.

For 95% of everything you eat, make sure its only fresh vegetables, uncooked or steamed. Visualize and believe your losing weight for 20 minutes a day.

Try to exercise 15 minutes a day to start and building yourself gradually up and for what feels comfortable for you. Drink plenty of water, you might retain some, but eventually your body will flush out getting rid of all the toxins in your body before you start to get healthy and into a normal weight. Take an iron supplement if you get dizzy once and a while, if you get dizzy alot then try eating small portions of meat.